How to Use Our Stock Library

Create customizable light boxes by creating a free user account. From, click on the 'Search Library' tab. Click on 'Your FPhoto Account' and create a log-in and password. Once you have created an account and signed in, you can search for images by keyword or image ID number and can save these images to a light box.

Each of our images is protected by United States copyright law, retained by the individual photographer, and cannot be used in any way without permission. Rights to publish our images digitally or in print are leased on a limited, one-time basis with fees that reflect use, size & distribution. Direct licensing requests and image use requests to mail(at)

Science images can be custom shot in our fully-equipped photo studio, even for projects with pressing deadlines, depending on the subject. For specific science photo needs, call us at (212) 473-5770 or email us at mail(at) with details about your project. Simply describe the type of image you are looking for including:

The subject matter you have in mind.

The concept you wish to illustrate.

Whether the image should be horizontal or vertical.

The type of use, trade ad, brochure etc. A shoot spec or layout page emailed to us will help substantially.

Any other specifics that will help in customizing a shoot or searching our collection.

Image Delivery

In addition to providing a searchable website which clients can use to access comp low resolution images, we are available to research images in our collection based on your specific needs and provide you with a selection of images viewable at a private link sent via email. For high resolution images, email mail(at) with your project distribution details.


Please e-mail us at or call us at 212-473-5770 with the photo ID numbers of images you wish to use, and the following information:

Project Identification: title, edition, author, client, ISBN#, project ID number.
Intended use: print or digital media, ancillary materials, CD-ROM, DVD, web use, brochure, print advertisement, billboard, etc.
Use Size: 1/4 page, 1/2 full page, double page, etc.
Placement of Image: inside, cover, chapter opener, multi-use, etc.
Distribution: including quantity, language & country. For example, North American distribution of up to 20,000 in English and Spanish.
Duration of Use: the length of the licensing period for specific edition. For example, One-time, five year duration.
Contact Information: Requesting party's name, company name, phone, fax, E-mail address, as well as client's billing information if different from project contact.