Fundamental Photographs: "The Art of Science"

History of Fundamental Photographs

Fundamental Photographs, founded in 1965 by George Resch, is a specialized photo studio, science stock photo library, and an association of a few impassioned photographers. Our goal is to make science photographs that are as vivid and elegant as modern research and the nature of photography permit.

Fundamental Photographs has the background and expertise to transform difficult science specs into visually exciting illustrations. Contact us at:

General Stock

Our science photo studio is equipped to shoot beautifully engaging images of lab experiments & scientific phenomena. Our bestselling images include kinetic subjects: from explosive chemical reactions, to water drops and ripple patterns to toppling dominoes & bouncing balls. Our science image library contains conceptual photographs of organic & inorganic chemistry, general physics, mechanics, optics, electricity, magnetism, electronics and earth science.


Custom photographs are shot in the studio and on location for science textbooks and corporate clients. Our problem-solving photographers use specialized techniques including stroboscopic sequences, motion blurs, stop motion images, and other special effects.

Our Collection

Our science photo library collection includes over 60,000+ digital images. We continually add to our growing number of images, shooting specific requests and acquiring new images from our represented photographers. Our specialities include science, chemistry, physics, biology, insects, geology, wildlife, wildflowers, gross anatomy & microbiology photos.

Client List

Clients include major U.S. and international textbook companies including the Pearson companies (preferred vendor), Bertelsmann Lexikon Verlag, W.H. Freeman, Spektrum, Harcourt, Holt Rinehart, Houghton Mifflin, IT Thompson, Glencoe McGraw-Hill, Nelson Canada, and John Wiley. Magazines include Scientific American, Discover, Audubon, We Magazine & U.S. News & World Report. Corporate clients include Apple Computer, Barret Design, Corel Corp., March First, Lally McFarland, Creative Communications Network & United Media.